We make sewer plug removal tools for plumbers, home inspectors and pool service techs. In fact, our first wrench was developed for swimming pool service techs to remove plugs set deep in the bottom of skimmers. After the launch of that wrench, home inspectors and plumbers kept asking for a larger version to remove sewer plugs in homes and business. So here we are!

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These tools are designed for threaded DWV (Drain Waste Vent) plugs found in hardware stores; desiginated by the pipe size they thread into: A 2" sewer plug fits a 2" PVC pipe fitting and 4" sewer plug fits into 4" PVC pipe fitting.

The wrenches come in a small and big diameters. the small diameter wrench fits plugs from 1.5" to 2". This wrench would mostly be used for swimming pool techs for skimmer plugs and bottom drain plugs set deep out of reach of any other wrench.


cleanout plug wrench image



21" SMALL WRENCH $45 + $6 SHIP


The big plug wrench is for plumbers and home inspectors dealing with 3 and 4" sewer line plugs found in houses and business. If your inspecting houses or snaking sewer lines this one is for you.



21" BIG WRENCH $65 + $8 SHIP



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